* Chamber Music Recital: Three Inspired Trios. Music by Bonis, Uebayashi, and Ewazen.

Dec. 5th, 6pm EST, Hollander Hall at Michigan State University College of Music. 

* Dec. 5th, 2pm CT - giving a free online workshop through the National Flute Association. Open to the public. Intentional Fluting: Practicing Versus Playing.

Learn more and register here: 


* Commission & Premiere: a moment that has happened before for solo flute by Connor Johnson was commissioned as a part of his Unaccompanied Solo Series. It is inspired by a painting of mine and will be premiered in 2021-22.

* During Fall 2021, I am excited to serve as the Acting Co-Director of the RCAH Graduate Fellows Program at Michigan State University. 

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* Commission & Premiere: Brush Strokes for solo flute by Elena Specht is a suite of nine short movements based on my nine paintings of dancers in nature, performed May 2021. Purchase on her website!

* The MSU RCAH Graduate Fellows presented a session called "Cultivating Community and Belonging in the Virtual and In-Person Undergraduate Classroom" at the MSU Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Student Success in May 2021.

* Presented a virtual lecture-recital at the College Music Society Pacific Northwest Conference in May 2021.

* Gave a virtual flute class on tone production, flexibility, and intonation to the flutists at Campbell High School, GA in March 2021.

* Presented two workshops at the Southeast Michigan Flute Association's Online Symposium in December 2020. Intentional Fluting: Practicing Versus Playing and Wake Up and Warm Up: Gradual and Grateful

* A short video about Concerto for Audience has been completed. Thanks to Andrew Acciaioli for editing!