Creativity Workshops

Expand your community's creativity and how to explore music as a performer or listener.

Workshops Offered


Musical creativity is important for both performers AND listeners. When both are engaged with their creativity, truly memorable musical experiences happen.

Below are popular workshops that I have given around the country and with different communities and age groups. If you have a specific concept you want to explore, I would love to collaborate and design a creative workshop specifically tailored to your community!

4 Paths of Exploration

(for performers)


In this workshop, participants will explore their unique ways of connecting with music as both a performer and listener. Then, we'll dive into my 4 methods of learning about a piece of music in order to enhance their connection. We will have brainstorming sessions on how we use our specific connection and the 4 Paths of Exploration to create unique performance experiences that are authentic to the individual.


I was incredibly impressed with James Brinkmann’s Interactive Recital and workshop he gave at the University of Utah School of Music. His presentation on the 4 Paths of Exploration offered the students a clear, well thought out way to connect, in varied ways, with the repertoire they are learning and helped them to harness their own creativity and musical ideas. Talking with my students after the class, it was clear they were inspired by James’ approach, and were excited to incorporate these new concepts into their study.

As a performer and teacher it was refreshing to think about the repertoire I am working on in a different way, and his class gave me ideas on how I can tap into this exploration of creativity with my students. I highly recommend this presentation to other institutions

Caitlyn Valovick-Moore

Piccolo/Flute for the Utah Symphony Orchestra

Adjunct Flute Professor at the University of Utah

The Performer's Story

(for musicians of all levels)


This workshop guides participants to revisit how they came to start their musical journey and how their connection has evolved. This experience includes reflective moments for participants to explore their connection with what inspires them to play music and engaging activities to have fun with ideas to make it a part of their life.

Creative Listening 

(for listeners)

This hands-on interdisciplinary workshop explores using creativity to help us engage with our listening experience and connect with music. We'll explore different time periods and types of ensembles that perform classical music. Each participant will make artwork and stories that are inspired by their listening experiences. At the end, we will make one communal piece of art as a class.

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