Interactive Performances

engaging experiences where YOU discover the music's meaning

Artistic Purpose

Interactive performances are the unification of my passions for teaching and performing in order to develop people's connection with music and their creativity.


Learn more about the story of how these came to be in my Tedx Talk Collaborative Listening: Rethinking Your Connection to Music. 

Creatively Listen to the Music

These performances engage audience members by giving them a fresh and welcoming approach to listening to music using different creative activities. As they actively participate in the performance, they find a deeper personal meaning in music.

Each interactive concert varies in the music, activities, and theme, and therefore are quite flexible and unique. Here are examples of fun parts of previous concerts:

Coloring         Writing            Labyrinths       Costumes

Drawing          Storytelling    Painting            Puzzles

At the end of most performances, you'll have an artistic creation to take home as a memory of your musical experience. Below are audience experience's and some of the art they have created.

Audience Testimonials

"The interactive recital was wonderfully innovative and it got the audience thinking about and listening to music in a very unique way."

Caitlyn Valovick-Moore

Piccolo/ Flute for the Utah Symphony

Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Utah

Connect with Your Community


Just as music is for everyone, these performances are for everyone. My audiences have included people in pre-school to senior citizens, and from 4 to 250 people in the audience! People with no musical background discover a new creative listening experience, and professional musicians have found a refreshing listening perspective.


Whether for business wellness events, corporate conference ice breakers, music organizations, universities, museums, or schools, these performances can be designed for any community that is interested in a fun and creative music performance.

Contact me to learn more about collaborating or bringing a performance to your community. It has been an honor and joy to be creative with these communities:

Atlanta Flute Club

Carson Elementary School

Common Ground Coffee House

DePaul University TEDx Conference

Lakeview Orchestra

Madison Flute Club

Make Music Chicago Festival

Merit School of Music

National Flute Association

Redux Contemporary Art Center

Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra

University of Utah School of Music

Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Wisconsin Flute Festival

Choose a popular Interactive Program or contact me to design one for your community.

*Each interactive program is flexible in length, repertoire, and activities in order to fit with the venue, focus of the event, and audience.


Your Musical Storybook

People share and listen to stories every day, and throughout history they have used music to tell stories. “Your Musical Storybook” invites the audience to dive deeper into different elements of a story and create stories to music through writing, drawing, and conversation. By the end, each listener will create a small book of musical experiences, a memorable program to take home.

Musical Mosaics

Music is a universal language that connects us all. This communal art performance explores that connection by fusing together the artistic interpretation of the musician and the listener to create a communal mosaic. Each person will create mosaic pieces based on their individual listening experiences and then combine them to create a unique collective work of art.

L-Evating Art

"What do you hear in the music?" This question was asked to hundreds of public transit riders as I performed in the subway. Based off the L-Evating Art Collection, we will recreate the subway experience for your community, where the audience will be using their individual experiences to add to a communal work of art. We'll place those next to the art pieces that were created in the subway and converse about the similarities and differences of our musical experiences.

Colors of Sound

Does music sound red, sky blue, chocolate brown, foggy grey, or have a mix colors swirling together? In this fun artistic performance, you are invited to open your ears and imagination to what colors you hear in music. The audience will have the opportunity to create art, painting or coloring, to the music they hear. In addition, there are unique questions and conversational elements to help you expand you "listening color palette" even further. Take home your artwork as a memory of your musical experience!

Sounds of a Village

Need to get away from noise and business of daily work life? This interactive performance takes the audience to different countrysides around the world through music based on folk melodies. From Hungarian village dances and Argentinian Tango rhythms to improvised Egyptian music, you'll get to explore some new adventures and share the experience with your community.

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