“L”-evating Art

spontaneous collaborations connecting train passengers and a musician, art and music.

What if a subway musician offers more than just entertainment for a dollar? What if it’s an opportunity for connection between the train passenger and performer? Will people express their experience with classical music if it was spontaneous and in public?

In winter of 2017, I explored these questions in the Chicago subways (a.k.a. The “L”) and invited passersby to create communal art while they listened to classical music from different time periods. The art created is beautiful and fascinating. The connections I made with people in the subways is priceless.

I presented this art collection at the Redux Contemporary Art Gallery in Charleston, SC. This interactive exhibition includes an art collection, musical performance, and an opportunity for the viewer to be expressive in creating a communal work of art.

For more information or to host this art collection, contact me here.

An Hour of Musical Romance
Both pieces were created by people listening to Reinecke's Concerto for Flute Mvt. 1 over the span of an hour. The people at the Redux Contemporary Art Center did not know they were creating art to the same music as those in the subway. What differences or similarities do you see?
Left side: created on August 31, 2017 by James Brinkmann and Chicago red line train riders.
Right side: created on September 14, 2017 by James Brinkmann and attendees of the "L"-evating Art showing at the Redux Contemporary Art Center in South Carolina.

© 2017 James Brinkmann