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Make Music Chicago 2020

This interactive concert, Modern Moments, featured 5 solo flute pieces that were written in the last 20 years. These two pieces were the listeners' favorites. The instructions are below, along with some expressions from listeners at Make Music Chicago and others who have watched the videos and emailed me. 
I hope you'll join in this interactive experience. Happy creating!
What kind of landscape or place does the music take you to? Write or draw.

Mångata by Francisco Lopez-Martin

Mångata is a Swedish word meaning the street-shaped reflection of the moon on water.

What do you imagine or feel while listening to the music? Write, draw, or color.


Homeland by Allison Loggins-Hull

"When you are forced to leave your country in order to survive.

When the people of your country are completely divided.

When your country has been destroyed by a natural disaster.

A human disaster.

Is home still home?”

Thanks for listening and being creative with me today. 

I'd love to hear about your experience of the music!

Share the videos and inspire someone to have a bit of fun!

Butterflies zipping around

Hedgehogs on mountains
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