Wake Up and Warm Up

Exploring Flute Warmups

with James Brinkmann

Ease into your flute day with a guided warmup class. Every week on Zoom, I will take you through different ways to warm up your air, sound, technique, and body so you are ready to play for the day. In addition, each week will focus on a topic such as articulation, fingers, or lip flexibility.

Join the Wake Up and Warm Up community as we explore how to be kinder and gentler to ourselves as we start a new day of playing.
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Soft Playing Warm Up
Soft Playing Warm Up
Soft Playing Warm Up
Upcoming Topics 
June 8th - 14th: 
Think Outside the Tube
*** Class topics and times will be listed
1-2 weeks in advance***

WHAT flutists SAY

"By the end of his warm-up class, I sounded like I do on my ‘good’ days of playing.”

- Lizabeth

Who is this appropriate for?
These warmups are great for college students, adult amateurs, and professionals.
What can I expect from this class?
I will give instructions and then set a timer for all of us to play on our own. Then, I'll bring us back together and explain the next part of the warmup. The last 10-15 minutes of class will be open to questions.
Do I have to go to all of them?
Nope, you are welcome to come to one, multiple, or all of them! This is meant to be a resource to give you new ideas or help you back into playing if it has been hard to play because of a long break, COVID-19, burnout, or any other reason.
Will anyone hear me play?
Nope! After I share the exercise, I will have everyone mute their sound and we will warm up in the privacy of our rooms. When the time for an exercise is up, I will bring everyone back together.
What should I wear?
Come in whatever comfortable for you in the morning. I might wear a robe, comfy hoody, workout pants, or fleece pajamas. It depends on the day.
Can I actually come to class completely cold?
Yes, I encourage it! It's a casual judgment-free space for you to have a guided warmup. 

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