Anchor those Wild Notes

Middle and High School Flute Workshops
Finding That Sweet Spot
  • “Jim's Sweet Spot class was a tone-life-changing class and I think everyone should be introduced to the idea of a sweet spot!!”

  • “Jim's sweet spot class was very cool seeing how much you can change your sound, good and bad. Gave me lots to try out!”

  • “Finding that Sweet Spot helped me so much with finding the ring of the sound. I've heard about the sweet spot before, but the person I heard it from didn't go into how to find it so I'm happy now that I know how to. It was also personalized and that was amazing because it helped figure out each person's tendencies.”

  • “Finding That Sweet Spot was amazing because it actually worked. I've had teachers tell me to find my sweet spot, but they didn't tell me how to go about finding it or gave me methods that didn't work, so this class was impressive! Another reason it worked so well was that it was personalized, and each person got the feedback of the entire group.”

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